Friday, April 10, 2020
MUMBAI — India, the world’s second-most populous country, is increasingly embracing cryptocurrencies amid domestic economic issues and the nationwide coronavirus-related lockdown.

Crypto Trading Volumes Rise in India After Banking Crisis, COVID-19 Lockdown

It started on March 4 when the country's highest court quashed a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) order dated April 6, 2018, which prohibited banks from providing services to entities dealing...
If the privacy and scaling upgrade Schnorr/Taproot makes it into bitcoin (BTC), it could pave the way for advanced and heretofore impossible projects. That is, as they say, good for bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s Future: Exactly How a Coming Upgrade Could Improve Privacy and Scaling

Schnorr/Taproot has made a great deal of progress recently, moving from a theoretical privacy and scaling idea into actual code. But while the community is very excited about its future,...
Abu Dhabi Credit: Shutterstock

Why Are Crypto Companies Going to Abu Dhabi?

Being on the borders of a desert, where temperatures easily surpass 40 degrees Celsius in the summer, life in Abu Dhabi is a struggle. With little natural drinking water,...
While bitcoin has climbed sharply from recent lows below $4,000, it's still on track to end March with a double-digit price loss.

Bitcoin’s Recent Recovery Won’t Salvage a Terrible Month for Prices

The top cryptocurrency by market value is currently trading near $6,440, representing nearly a 68 percent rise from the low of $3,867 registered on March 13. Even so, prices...
Demand for gold is skyrocketing and the clamor for scarce assets in a remote-first world was precisely where bitcoin was supposed to shine.

Geopolitical Crisis May Benefit Oil, Gold and CBDCs, Not Bitcoin

However, rather than creating a perfect scenario for the supranational money, the coronavirus crisis could instead entrench reliance on traditional institutions. In a world where central bank digital currencies...
Cryptocurrency startups are reporting increased demand for estate-planning services as the coronavirus outbreak motivates users to make sure their coins are passed onto heirs when they die.

Bitcoin Firms Report Uptick in Demand for Inheritance Services

Casa Hodl and Unchained Capital said they have seen a dramatic rise in requests for proof-of-death or similar multi-signature wallet schemes that enable customers’ bitcoin to be transferred to...
After a quick rise over $6,900 Friday, bitcoin's technical charts are calling a continued rally

Bitcoin Claws Back Over 40% of Recent Price Selloff With Surge Above $6.8K

Bitcoin's price recovery gathered pace on Friday, helping the cryptocurrency erase a significant chunk of the recent drop. The top cryptocurrency by market value jumped to...
Bitcoin (BTC) is again feeling the pull of gravity as investors offload risk in traditional markets despite the massive U.S. stimulus package this week.

Bitcoin Faces Another Down Day as Equities Reject Stimulus Efforts

The top cryptocurrency by market value is currently trading near $5,050, having failed to establish a strong foothold above $5,500 late Tuesday., according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index.
Bitcoin has made a quick bounce from 12-month lows reached early on Friday alongside positive action in global equities markets.

Bitcoin Recovers 40% From 12-Month Low Below $3.9K

The cryptocurrency is currently trading near $5,415, up around 40 percent from the low of $3,867 reached around 02:15 UTC. That was the lowest level since March 25, 2019,...
Bitcoin is witnessing a recovery rally alongside the traditional finance markets a day after slumping to two-month lows.

Bitcoin Back Over $8K as Traditional Markets Rebound

The top cryptocurrency by market value is currently trading near $8,070, representing a 6 percent gain on lows near $7,625 registered on Monday, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index.