Two powerful new links have emerged in the ICBF chain of competencies: the fund represents the newly appointed director of the fund, Mr. Xi Deng Ja Boo, and the asset manager, investment strategist, and trader, Mr. Chen Li Ming.

ICBF has been working with cryptocurrencies since the beginning of 2018. During this time, the company has shown that the highest level of service inherent in classic financial management products lies in crypto market demand. The company recorded phenomenal profitability during Bitcoin’s surge to $20,000 per unit. It then proved its viability in a crisis market.

ICBF traders’ efficiency is further confirmed by the fact that not a single investor left the fund in 2018. It was primarily due to this that it was possible to attract investment capital from the PRC to the fund’s development.

Mr. Xi Deng Ja Bu has been managing one of the largest mining pools in China for several years and has been working in a team with trader and analyst Chen Li Ming for two years, who has experience in managing investments in the stock market, Forex market, as well as three years of work with crypto assets. “We became interested in trust management tools at the end of 2017, at the peak of the Bitcoin price surge”, says Mr. Xi Deng Ja Boo. “The first half of 2018 made it possible to identify investment funds that could not survive on the market during the crisis period. ICBF drew our attention to the remaining players with its confident trading competencies and a software package in which we see significant potential. Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of a product related to arbitrage trading. “


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